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Game Crashes to Desktop at Character Creation




My game crashes to desktop after spending some time in character creation.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Start a new game.  Tried with different graphics settings (low, medium).  Game crashes to desktop instantly and provides popup that a log has been created.


Important Files:

If the files are too large to attach separately, compile them all in a .zip and make a link to Dropbox with the .zip

Attach files that will help the dev team figure out and resolve the issue. These include:



No saved games created!


Output Log

Output Log attached for latest crash.




System Specs

This will give us most of your computer specs to help us diagnose the problem

dxdiag attached for latest crash.


Thank you so much for any help!!! I will have to request a refund if I am not able to resolve my crashing issues :(





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hello, just some additional information:


I am using Win 10 Home - 64 bit 

I do not have EVGA Precision Software


I have tried:

  • dedusting my computer (core and GPU temps run in the high 40s)
  • running game in admin mode
  • verifying integrity of game cache in steam
  • full uninstall and reinstall of game
  • turning off overclocking of graphics card
  • updating graphics card drivers (latest drivers are as of October)
  • turning graphics settings to low
  • deleting UNCL.TFF (I didn't have this font to begin with)

I literally can't get past 3-4 screens in character creation before the game crashes to desktop.


please help! 


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Hello damo272,


Welcome to the forums! I apologize for the inconvenience. When you uninstalled the game, did you also delete the game folder in the steam directory as well? I noticed a lot of errors in your log and deleting the game folder before reinstalling the game might solve your issue.


Did you recently upgrade your OS to Windows 10? If so, what was the previous OS you had on your system?


Try disabling vsync and see if that helps. 



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omg.. thanks.  haha.  the easier thing to do is downgrade down to 8.1 and I think I was gearing up to do that anyway.  thanks so much.  do you have the link handy to where you saw that? I did a casual google search and do not see that much.

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I doubt that... He has a AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series which is not that old.




This site lists support for AMD Radeon™ HD 7700+ Series.. Which should include the HD7900.


Maybe try to install the latest driver. Your drivers are a bit older.



Also you soundcard driver is old. Maybe there are newer drivers available.



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hi guys, sorry ... updated both drivers, game still crashed within playing 30 seconds of it.


I really tried downgrading to windows 8.1 but I no longer have the product key and have been unable to find the original CD which is apparently the only place I can get the product key back.


I have attached my dxdiag with evidence of the new drivers and my latest output log from the crash ...

DxDiag 12-23.txt

output_log 12-23.txt

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