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Can't enter Cragholdt's room



I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this (or if this is a bug or I just missed something). 


After making a deal with on of the mages and slaughtering the others, I have a journal entry saying I have the key to Cragholdt's chamber, but when I go, I'm asked a question about what a mage needs to do to be prepared. I didn't remember anything about this coming in up in conversation, so I went through each option in turn. None of them open the door. I tried talking to the surviving mage, but that didn't seem to work. I tried rest, no good. 


Is this bugged or did I do something miss a clue?

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I read the research notes, but they don't appear to relate to the question I'm asked at the door—and I tried answering each of the three possible answers, but each time I get a message to talk to the researchers and then return. I didn't take one of the notes (the one I didn't kill), but I read it. Do I need to have it in my inventory?



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