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  1. When I went into the Luminous Bathhouse, I moved quickly, so there was a stutter in the guard asking for money. I think I paid twice, but that's not the real problem—when I left to go into the boiler room, then break into the underground laboratory, my clothes didn't come back. I thought this might be part of the gameplay (no clothes until you exit), went through the area with no clothes or weapons. However, on exiting the bathhouse, my clothes aren't back. Worse, I'm prevented from putting on clothes or weapons and I my save games are all after the clothing bug. Right now, I'd have to restart
  2. I talked to the last guy, and got a message saying I had the final bit, but if it was a clue, it wasn't a clue that made sense to me in the context of the door questions. The saved game is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh5ml8dp4t8rpfa/4e65b6b8-c869-4439-acea-58a50ce23f1b%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  3. I read the research notes, but they don't appear to relate to the question I'm asked at the door—and I tried answering each of the three possible answers, but each time I get a message to talk to the researchers and then return. I didn't take one of the notes (the one I didn't kill), but I read it. Do I need to have it in my inventory? free image uploading
  4. The unreliability of traps even when setting one up in a doorway (so enemies have to walk past it) made me quit using them. I rebuilt my characters so only one person has mechanics, since I thought about it as good for only unlocking/disarming. I don't mind the one trap limit, but with small, unreliable trigger areas, they might as well not be there. I have felt that rogues are pretty nerfed in an unfun way with the skill distribution. If I put enough points in mechanics to deal with most traps and locks, I got caught stealthing too often. Yet, because I didn't dedicate enough points to m
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this (or if this is a bug or I just missed something). After making a deal with on of the mages and slaughtering the others, I have a journal entry saying I have the key to Cragholdt's chamber, but when I go, I'm asked a question about what a mage needs to do to be prepared. I didn't remember anything about this coming in up in conversation, so I went through each option in turn. None of them open the door. I tried talking to the surviving mage, but that didn't seem to work. I tried rest, no good. Is this bugged or did I do something miss a
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