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[TWM 2.02] Dungeon Delver incorrect skill bonuses









Load the attached saved game.

Select the protagonist and go to her character record.

Click her Stealth score and observe it lists the following bonuses: +2 Dungeon Delver, +1 Blooded Hunter, +1 Lilith's Shawl.

Further observe the total score is 6, thus implying I only invested 2 points in Stealth. That is not true, as I invested 4.

Scroll down the character record until you get to the list of talents. Click on Dungeon Delver to read its description.

Observe it never mentions any bonuses to Stealth.


The same steps can be followed to observe a +2 bonus listed to Mechanics, where the issue is even more obvious: My Mechanics score is 0 and rightfully so, since I invested no points in it. Yet clicking it says I get +2 from Dungeon Delver.


The issue has been there since the base game released in March. I guess those bonuses were originally part of the Dungeon Delver talent, yet when they were removed the textual part was retained.

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