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BUG: Forced conversation with Sagani during combat in Elmshore



PROBLEM: Sagani's Adra Arch conversation (Elmshore) triggers while in combat

SOLUTION: Disable the conversation if the criteria are met while in combat, or defer the conversation until combat ends.




In Elmshore, I found the Adra arch that's part of Sagani's questline. Surrounding it there was a large pack of mixed mobs. Near the end of the fight, I happened to have one of my characters step on the wrong spot, and got sucked into a long, thoughtful conversation with Sagani—while in the middle of combat!


It's obviously a bug that the game will trigger this conversation sequence while in combat. It halfway ruined that bit of the story for me, because it was so profoundly inappropriate to have that conversation at that time. ( It's hard to believe that Sagani would be thoughtfully glancing into the distance while her tank was dominated and attempting to kill her.)


It may be that you never really want to trigger any quest conversation while in combat, except perhaps a "please don't kill me," but certainly it's not desirable in this situation.


If, for some reason, it's not possible to fix this bug, it would be nice if it would at least pause the combat when the conversation's over. (Although I suppose it's realistic that someone might get knocked out if they had a wistful conversation about their tribe's history during the middle of a fight with multiple wizards.)

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It seems like Sarah forgot to come back to check, but I can give you precisions, as I happen to have exactly this right now. The clickable soul under the arch is still clickable while in combat, and this click takes precedence over any other order. And there are mobs under that arch.

What she probably wanted to say is that that object, the soul thingy, like the loot left by dead enemies, should not be clickable while in combat. If only because of the immersion, but also because it ruins your orders, prevents you from attacking mobs passing under the soul, or casting spells over that spot. And especially the archers whom, instead of attacking, will go to the soul in order to interact instead of firing.

Here is a link to a point in the game where you can see it at work. Just walk a bit to the south, and try casting some area of effect spell on the soul, or to attack something that would have crept under it.


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Seems like it is just a bug with the forum's automatic link detection, which skips the part of the address after the second “!” character. here is a manual link…




Edit: … which is still buggy at display, but seems to work. Here, fixed it for good. I hope…

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