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[TWM 2.02] Twinned Arrows Accuracy penalty not displayed in character record



When you activate the Twinned Arrows modal on your ranger, the -10 Accuracy penalty doesn't show in the character record.








Load the attached saved game.

Select the elven Ranger dudette (red hair, wielding a war bow; sixth portrait from your left.)

Access her character record and observe her Accuracy is 82.

Back to the game, right-click the Twinned Arrows modal and observe the description says it applies a -10 Accuracy penalty.

Activate the Twinned Arrows modal and access the character record; observe the Accuracy is still shown as 82.

Back in game, have the Ranger attack a party member with Twinned Arrows.

Hover your cursor over the attack in the combat log and observe the Accuracy used is, correctly, 72.



As a side note, Aarik—could you inquire whether Twinned Arrows is going to get a graphical effect? It's about the coolest modal a Ranger gets and the only one with no graphical effect (I know, first-world problems ... but cool graphical effects are cool :))




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