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Manual (Non-Galaxy) GoG 2.02 patching



GoG has 2 2.02 patches, 1 under Game Downloads: Patch 2.02 - 107mb and 1 under DLC: The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb.


This was the same with 2.01. Back then I just clicked the first 2.01 I saw, which was the one under game downloads. I downloaded and started installing it and while that was going on I noticed the other option under DLC. I recognized that that second one would be the one I needed as I did own TWM, so I downloaded and installed that AFTER the first one had installed, figuring it was overwriting the first patch and if I had paid more attention I could have downloaded and installed this DLC patch ONLY. So then the game works fine, showing correct version number, all good. 


For 2.02, I've ONLY downloaded and installed the option under DLC (The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb), but it seems the version number has not changed on the main menu (and if I do load a save, I'm now seeing all the spinning pink squares where TWM assets should be, which I recall was an issue with dodgy installs/patches), so I guess this was the wrong thing to do. Remembering what I did last time, I assume you're actually MEANT TO download and install the patch under Game Downloads, THEN install the patch under DLC, but I've not actually bothered to try it yet. Is this correct? If so, is it communicated clearly anywhere? And is it possible to let me know what's the best thing to do from where I am at (installed "The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb" but am seeing the old 2.01.... as the version number on the main menu + broken pink textures).

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I am frakin lost in this regard.


The last time I did the same as you I installed the DLC patch then the main game patch because I was getting the pink mess in Stalwart.

It did not load properly until I did the base game.


This time I did the same thing but it borked horrendously and I had to go back to 2.01 until we get an official statement.


My DLC patch installed just fine. Which is the second patch for White March from GoG.

However the main game when I patched it I loaded the game and it crashed.  I had an extensive error list in the patch log too.

What it appeared to be doing is looking for the assets from patch which correlates to just the 2.0 patch of the base game.


This manual GoG thing is a nightmare.

I have 0 understanding why they have 2 patches and simply not one that checks for the assets and installs/overwrites accordingly.

And with no official install instructions its like flying blind if we are installing them correctly and if they are overwriting or replacing what they need to.


Another post in here had a dev state they were looking into it so potentially in the near future we will get some clarity.

I am not interested in Galaxy or Steam or any other bloody client to play games.

to my mind the manual installations should be less problematic but since these bloody clients get priority starting with steam I am think they have to reverse engineer to get back to the simpler method of distribution.


Totally inverted efficiency models...


I am waiting to see what they say officially at which point it is likely they will have another manual download for us to grab and optimally some direct install instructions and clear directions for future updates.

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I must admit that I suffer the same issue with the lack of instructions for Gog manual patches.


I've installed the DLC patch first and am now installing the basegame patch simply because that was what I did for the previous time.


Finger's crossed.



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Hello everyone,


GoG is currently having problems with the way patches are being handled. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do on our end. GoG is working on fixing this issue hopefully by tonight. So please bare with us. 


Thank you for your support and patience. 


Alright a official statement.  That's a step towards a resolution for sure.

Thanks and hopefully by tonight we will have it working as intended.

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