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Are there TWO 2.02 patches again? Pink screen!



Are there TWP 2.02 patches for the GOG version just like with 2.01 patch??? I have The White March expansion with version 2.01.  Then I installed 2.02 patch for PoE and got pink screen problem... Is that because I did not have / install the second 2.02 patch The White March?


Does this pink screen problem affect those without the proper White March patch if they are located in White March parts or anywhere in the world?

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oh no

I just got done figuring out what the hell happened to me when I updated last time.  I just barely got to White March and I guess I didnt patch White March and just did the Vanilla patch.

When I did that the rest of the world was fine but White March was a big pink mess.


I do not know if the order mattered but I ended up re-installing everything and then doing White March patch then the actual Vanilla game patch.

And this was just for 2.01.


Now I do not know if I want to update to 2.02.


Between 3 different main distribution methods (Steam, Origin and GoG) and now with 2 different patches...

I just sigh in frustration. 

I remember getting a patch from the dev website and it just worked.  Now you get it automatically from Steam and it may work.  Steam does not update their news feed.  GoG has decided to number their patches with a confusing numbering scheme so I have no idea which patch refers to which.

Now on top of that we have to patch the game twice with 2 separate patches.


Talk about a steaming pile of inefficiency.  My apologies for the rant.

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I have GoG.


Galaxy was working on 5.7 GB, or I could manually download a 200 MB. I went with the manual :) Also that way I have a saved copy of everything I've veer downloaded from GoG so I can re-install with out downloading more.


GoG has a patch for Vanilla and a patch for White March. I only used the White March Patch and everything is working fine. The game version is now 2.02 with just the one patch (the White March Patch)

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I did the manual download from GOG for only the White March.  All my White March areas are pink.  Non-White March areas look fine.


This happened to me last time too.  I reinstalled twice before it all worked.


I really don't want to reinstall this game again.  And, when I've saved all the files in a folder on my desktop, they've never worked properly--always an install error.

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