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If I wanted to lvl fast and do the 'story' overleveled.......

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So I am newly lvl 9. I was kinda hoping I can quickly lvl to 12 or higher and go back and do the main story slowly or at a slower pace. 


I have just got sponsored by the knights to attend the hearings. I have not started 'act III'. 


I thought I saw a reference that there was an experience bonus if you start the White March missions. 


Is this true?


Is there a 'faster' way to lvl up quicker than the usual follow the story line? 


I have the option to go to wherever Caed Nua is telling me to go, defend something I think. 


Anyway, thanks for any advice!



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If you do White March and Crägholt before returning to the hearings you will most likely be lvl 13. Act III will be a joke for you - including the Master Below and Thaos. I did it this way because you get some nice equipment with the expansion and I wanted to have it as soon as possible to complete my " built ideas". You also get durgan steel which will boost your weapoms and armor even further. So if you want to lvl quickly before going to act III, go to stalwart first and do some quests. If it gets too hard you can always return later.

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Bounties also make you level very quickly (and are probably easier than Cragholdt Bluffs.)


EDIT: Cragholdt is the hardest portion of the game. I'd definitely avoid going there at level 9.

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Yes - go to stalwart first and see if you can win the first encounters there without too much hassle. But I think lvl 9 is OK. Cräghold is superhard at lvl 9. You would have to pull every enemy on its own to fight him 6 vs. one to stand a chance.

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At level nine starting White March it gave me the option of upgrading the White March encounters. I did with my PotD and then cleared everything except the Dragon, finished at 13th and then went to the Animancy trial to start Act III.


If you upgrade the encounters then you can do some, leave to go back to Act III and then come back as you want. It'd let you get Zahua early, the Devil would be harder to get but you'd get more time with the new guys that way.


If you don't upgrade the White March then it will be too easy for you at level nine and will level you up such that the rest of Act III will also be too easy. This'd be the worst of both.

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<B>At level nine starting White March it gave me the option of upgrading the White March encounters.</b>


Yea, that's the high level content. I only used that to test my party builds against the wildling fish parties.


I wonder if they have a way to play the high level content and get the npcs while at lower level. Maybe if I artificially raise my party level up, and then just de level my experience after finding the companions, it might work.


Finding Zahua is pretty funny, although I read that some review articles spoiled that one. It's like article authors can't comment on a product or review it without talking about the plot.

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