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Saving/loading during Trial of Iron

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Hello everyone,


My question is fairly straight forward. Is there any way to make it possible, either through mod or some other means that I just haven't found, to make me able to actually save, or quicksave, during a Trial of Iron run, and NOT have the game quit to the main menu? And also to make it so I'm able to load my savegame, without having to quit first? I find it an annoying waste of time having this extra "go to main menu every time" step. I can guess why it's there, in the spirit of the challenge etc, but to me it's just more of an annoyance then anything. Thanks in advance.

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Hey Xzolatan!


As far as i'm concerned there are no such modifications. I'm currently working on Trial of Iron playthrough myself, and i have to admit, that it was difficult to get used to it at first. I'll share ideas that helped me overcome the struggle.


Trial of Iron is a special kind of tool that comes in handy when you want to observe your reactions. What most people do these days is - save game. Save it before heading in battle, saving before entering new location, saving before starting conversation, sometimes we quicksave after autosave.. Just to be sure.


The general idea is "When i play - i have a plan in my mind, and if something goes wrong or differently than I expected i'll just quickload and retry until I'm satisfied with results."

It is suppouse to be one of the hardest achievements yet we want to finish it just so we could say we did it, and move on.


The plan works brilliantly if you can just F5 to quicksave and F9 to quickload and everything takes less than 5 seconds.


The problem starts when it takes more than that, and you get annoyed everytime you have to do it. The more you want to control the more you suffer. Normally your mind ignores it because everything is happening so fast that it is more of a switch than actual process. You truly experience it when you have to quit the game, go to main menu, load to game and you actually have to click the buttons out there! And it takes hell of a time out there too, like.. 15 seconds or so! :D


I tell you what - I'm playing Trial of Iron with Expert mode on as a Priest of Berath. In order to be a good one I'm suppouse to be Rational and Stoic and avoid being Cruel and Passionate. What i do is - I'm stoic when i read dialogue options, I'm trying to be rational when choosing option but sometimes - when innocent kid suffers, when young girl is abused by her family, when i see hopes and dreams crush and crumble i get a little bit emotional - I'm Human Being after all. I might suck as a Priest of Berath but man the fun I'm having. Honestly i think that is the point of playing video games.


You might actually learn something about yourself IF you allow it. It's your time after all, wheter you decide to make best use of what you have or pump yourself up with negative emotions is up to you. You got the tools - use it!


I'll leave you with one of my favourites ;)


"Berath teaches us that duality exists in all things. There is Life in Death, and Death in Life - embrace this duality and you honor Berath."

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There's an easy workaround: play normal mode and delete your save files manually when you die.

Yeah that'd work, but I am an achievement whore too so :3


If you are a trial of iron player like me do it the first time for a achievement and then in other play throughs do what Caerdon says.

Yeah that's probably what I'd end up doing. Just thought I might as well ask before I started my run :)

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