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Have Rangers been noticeably improved since release?

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Yup, they don't do quite as much damage as a melee rogue, but they are not that far off it if you include the pets damage which is substantial. They also have good crowd control at higher level thanks to pet knockdown and binding roots. Good class, but you have to micro manage the pet in much the same way as you'd manage a melee rogue in order to really benefit. Only problem at the mo is a few bugs, including the one where merciless companion switches from the pet to the ranger when/if you respec. There are workarounds for most of them including that one, but there are a couple of bugs which aren't fixable at this point.

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Even during pre-expansion, I found ranger to be a pretty good class. Just avoid treating the pet as a tank. Driving flight and stunning arrows is very effective.


Post-expansion as others mentioned, ranger pets got buffed. I haven't progressed my latest playthrough up to max lvl yet but ranger's twinned arrow skill looks awesome.

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