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[2.0.0] Exp for summoned Phantom



I have Kana learn the "summon phantom" spell.

I casted it in the next battle and saw the phantom die, through the hand of the enemy. And for that I got exp.


Expected Behaivor:

Creatures in the 30 Slot Party + rest Array should not count for kill rewards.



Other Observation in exactly this fight: Aloth was knocked unconscious at some time, see the 3rd image. But was drawn still/again standing, image 2 and 3. At the end of the fight all got their endurance back, except Aloth. He was stuck to the place, and did not end combat. I could not save at this point (image 3). But i could rest, fortunate i had one camping supply. Kana told some lines after the sleep and the party was fully healed. Aloth too. But he was still stuck and wouldnt move a single pixel. But now i could save. And then load. And then Aloth was free.



Savegame before fight

Savegame after fight here:





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