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[TWM 2.0] Cannot Durgan-refine Badgradr's Barricade









Load the attached saved game.

Select the Cipher and access her inventory.

Observe that she has the Badgradr's Barricade shield in her backpack.

Right-click on Badgradr's Barricade, then click "Enchant."

Click on "White Forge" and select "Durgan-reinforced shield."

Observe the message that says, "Maximum enchantment value reached for Badgradr's Barricade" even though Durgan-reinforced Shield effectively costs zero enchantment slots.


This is likely due to the existing enchantments on the shield adding up to 13 out of 12. Nothing wrong with a unique shield breaking the rules, but the Durgan refinement should still be applicable on accounts of its zero cost.

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