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There is a lot good to be said about the OP's intent and the way the statement is made. Linux is a small platform - and it's wise to count your blessings. I've been there for 20 years as a Mac user, and porting games to the Mac back in the 90s wasn't exactly the norm. 


Back in the 90s I was a huge LucasArts fan. I remember being really pleased when X-Wing was ported to the Mac (4 years after original PC release in 1997) and I remember feeling disappointed when LucasArts dropped Mac support in the early 2000s. But I never felt entitled to a port, that just wasn't realistic.


But I stuck with my platform of choice, I didn't feel offended or entitled, I still had my Macintosh. Which was the point. If I wanted games, I'd get a PC and suffer through the horror that was PCs in the 90s. 


Point is this: I rarely see Linux users with this attitude, mine or the one expressed by the OP. Perhaps it's because many new Linux users are current or very recent Windows users, who just don't know the feeling of being in team Underdog. 

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I would like to join to soulsource's thanks. I really appriciate that I can play my favourite game (Pillars of Eternity) on my favourite gaming platform (Steam) and on my favourite operating system (Linux Mint). It's like having my own "Geek/Nerd Sanctuary".


Please dear Obsidian people - don't throw away Linux support and in return I'll buy everything you create - in pre-order/kickstarter/early access.

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Hey, guys. I probably could have chosen my words better than I did. I wasn't trying to upset any of our Linux supporters and I didn't mean to belittle their support. I love all of our backers and I appreciate all of their help.


We basically had to build our Linux infrastructure from scratch on our side. It wasn't something we were used to. It was also painful for us to develop in Linux because the Unity tools didn't support Linux at the time. This meant that we were unable to debug on the platform.


Now that we have gone through the process of creating these builds it is something that will be much easier for us in the future. Pair that with SteamOS, Steam Controller, and Steam Machine and I think Linux's future is good with PoE games.


I'm actually one of the gamers who didn't know about the kickstarts. My exposure to Obsidian was via PoE and i picked it up for close to full price on Steam. I run it on Linux which is my main platform and it's amazing. Such an immersive story.


Thank you for supporting it on Linux and giving your users many more options than just a proprietary and locked down platform.


As long as you guys make games for this platform, i will be supporting in kind by purchasing your games and playing them! I hope to catch your next kickstarter campaign to show my support.

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Well - if you would have decided differently and canceled Linux support, you would have missed my... *looks it up* ...2741 hours of PoE gaming (and still counting). ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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