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Question about expansion XP

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Hey guys,


So if I load my game (currently start of Act 2 I believe), and I go through the expansion quests and level up etc, when I return back to the main story line will the enemies be scaled to my level? I don't want to get a bunch of xp points from expansion and come back to the regular story line and be over powered for everything.


If someone can explain how the XP works that would be great!



Also, I havent played the game in months, I was wondering if there were any changes I should know about? I started the game on hard mode and the first dungeon was very challenging, but since then it got relatively easy. I am wondering what I can expect from here on out challenge wise.


Thank you!

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During the Kickstarter Josh mentioned that the ONLY areas that might be scaled to your character/party level would be in the main questline so that people would not be punished for their choices to do or not do side content (which makes up over half of the game) - However I don't know to what extent they may have (or not have) followed through on that decision.


They did know right from the start that they were doing an expansion so one might surmise they took this into consideration.

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Someone mentioned some sort of scaling in another thread that apparently made things too tough for him to finish. I'll see if I can find it, but I remember approving it recently. Actually, I just went and looked. Someone responded, but the OP in that thread seemed to think that the difficulty had increased in the expansion for existing encounters. Please be advised that the link contains some minorly spoilerish things.



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