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[BUG] No action delay when unique weapon is equipped



Yesterday I faced a very annoying thing - when I equipped my dual-wielding rogue with a unique flail from the first town, he started to strike without any delay. I had to sell this item, but when I gave him an unique stiletto this thing occurred again. 

So, now my rogue is in fact unplayable because I cannot give him the preferred weapon. Technically it looks like there is just no delay bar and the character is constantly hitting with both hands like crazy.

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Seems like that. Arrrghh. The 2.0 is realy nice, but this issues are really spoiling the impression :/

And one more little bug - sometimes a phantom, summonned by a chanter, doesn't vanish after the battle untill save/load. 

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Load the attached saved game.

Observe that the protagonist (aumaua dudette in Sanguine Plate) is wielding Tidefall, whose description says it steals 10% attack speed on hit.

Select the protagonist and have her attack the rogue (orlan that dual-wields sabres) next to her.

Observe that the amount of extra speed the protagonist gets after landing a hit is much more than 10%.


If you want to be particularly precise:


Set the game to maximum 30 FPS.

Record a video locked to 30 FPS of you doing the above.

Do a frame by frame analysis (i.e. count the number of frames it takes to the protagonist to recover after attacking) to determine the exact amount of speed stolen.


If you need a reference, just equip the protagonist with a regular Great Sword (I think she has one in her quick weapon slots) and record a video attacking with that; it'll be your benchmark.

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