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[2.0] Blurry font in game



The issue is quite simple - I've just upgraded the game to version 2.0 and the font used in game looks much, much less sharp than it was before. To visualize the problem, a screenshot of the game now:




And an old screenshot from version 1.06:



The difference should be quite noticable. Tried fiddling with resolution and graphics quality slider in case either of these made a difference but didn't seem to help. It's the GoG version in case this makes difference.



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Just adding my voice to the choir that this should really be hotfixed. It's not a pleasant experience at the moment (especially with the amount of reading in the game) and quite a lot of people seem to be suffering from it.

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I don't understand how you could release the patch with such an issue especially because it already came up during the beta! This is causing me now hassling with the game, searching for the reasons for this issue and now having to reinstall the game to get rid of the patch because there is no solution you could provide, instead of using my precious spare time for having fun. I don't get it.

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