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  1. I don't understand how you could release the patch with such an issue especially because it already came up during the beta! This is causing me now hassling with the game, searching for the reasons for this issue and now having to reinstall the game to get rid of the patch because there is no solution you could provide, instead of using my precious spare time for having fun. I don't get it.
  2. The "fog of war" is distracting and makes the game look ugly at day. I don't like how the fog of war darkens every "day" in the game. I would love to see an adjustment option that allows the player to change the opacity of the fog of war. The visibility range of the characters at day is ridiculous. Sorry but I just hate it. 15 years old Infinity engine games already did that way better!
  3. I guess you are right. I often realize that the most difficult things to translate are these regarding emotions or feelings, not at last because of the fine nuances. And because words about emotions and feelings do contain lots of explosiveness, especially in an environment like the internet where you communicate in only one dimension, one has to be very careful if he doesn't want to start flame wars. Maybe I should put something in my signature like "BEWARE, I AM GERMAN".
  4. Hi Rob, Thanks for letting me know. I fiddled around for hours because I thought that I did something wrong. Therefore I would like to suggest to make it more clear in your News which functions are implemented and which not. It is not very motivating spending hours for nothing. I think that things like that can turn away modders and this is for sure not what you intend to do. Have Fun XiDragon P.S. Because I am German and already made some bad experiences with Americans when it comes to criticism, seams that Germans and Americans handle this quite different, I want to assure you that I didn't mean to offend you with my criticism above.
  5. Thanks Caos81, but this does not fix the issue. What you said is necessary to have objects like the button in the listbox not stretched, but it does not help with my problem. @Rob McGinnis I remember that I read somewhere on this website something from you like "Whatever questions you'll have, post them and I will try to help". I would be glad if you would stand to your words and help me out. Have Fun XiDragon
  6. Hi There, I tried the new listbox parameter (listboxtext:mylb.mytext). Her is the snippet of my screen xml: <UIListBox name="MY_LISTBOX" x=26 y=139 width=272 height=251 yPadding=0 xPadding=0 showpartialchild=true unequalcontrols=true scrollsegmentsize=30 hidescrollbarwhennotneeded=true > <UIText name="TEST" text="This is a test" width=PARENT_WIDTH height=DYNAMIC align=left valign=top color="3d3131" fontfamily="NWN1_Dialog" style="bold" /> <UIButton name="SEND_DATA" text="Test" x=0 y=0 height=30 width=PARENT_WIDTH style="STYLE_SMALL_BUTTON" OnLeftClick=UIObject_Misc_ExecuteServerScript("gui_xui_examine",listboxtext:MY_LISTBOX.TEST) > </UIButton> <UIScrollBar name="SB" style="STYLE_SB_THIN"></UIScrollBar> </UIListBox> And this is the script: void main(string sDescription) { ActionSpeakString(sDescription); } I also tried the following syntax: UIObject_Misc_ExecuteServerScript("gui_xui_examine",listboxtext:MY_LISTBOX) Whatever syntax I try, the script is not getting the content of the text object in the listbox. Anything wrong? Kind Regards XiDragon
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