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a question about the white march

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It seems you are able to start this part before you finish the game?, with the dynamic scaling and so on


Am I wrong in assuming that this is a continuation of the main storyline? (throne of bhaal style)


or is it just more content?, can I play with my old character that I completed the game with?

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It isn't a continuation of the main story. You can play with your old character, but you need to load a save from before entering Sun in Shadows (the game creates an autosave for you, so don't worry if you forgot to save).


I'm going to start a new game just because I want to take the new companions on my adventure and maybe see it in a new light thanks to their interactions.

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From what I have read the story is self contained and though made for approx. level seven characters does have some scaling. What I am most excited for is dual classing, not true dual class but lesser versions of class powers. Really exciting possibilities.

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Dual classing? o.O
Now I'm just scared they're going to start hurting the game's core.


Edit: oh it's just talent borrowing :p


At least they're raising the level cap, so that's another reason for more exploring during the main plot line. Do I do wonder if the last encounters are going to scale for the new level cap.

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