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When recently tackling The final fight in Caed Nua with a 6 man team on Hard, after making the deal with the Dragon Hunter and using her newly granted ability on the Dragon, my cipher hit a shaman a few times then used his focus to keep the dragon paralyzed for the rest of the fight?!


Is that a bug? A level 2 ability locking up a boss for most of a fight? Basically my Cipher and Melee Rogue took him out. It was rather dissappointing.

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You can also do it with a level 1 Druid spell (Hold Beasts).


There's a reason that casters are the MVP characters bu later levels, and that good accuracy is the most important thing for the Adra Dragon fight.

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It's not a bug, but very annoying. You don't even need something like paralyze, simply holding adra is enough.

You don't even necessarily need to waste a spell for it, just get the dragon stuck behind the 2 xaurip archers and she will be entirely harmless.

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IIRC Raven you play on PoTD and don't find it particularly difficult, but for most players PoTD is enough of a challenge.


So Blades of Vanatar, if you're disappointed by how easy Hard is, the first thing I'd recommend is to try PoTD. It's the only difficulty where it's not just the number (and sometimes type) of enemies that is different, but all of their stats. With strong enemies like the Adra Dragon, what this means is that those same spells you land easily on Hard won't land so reliably on PoTD, because enemies will have higher defenses. This means you'll need to tweak your strategy, e.g. to buff and debuff more so your spells/abilities will actually land.


The enemies will also hit harder. The Adra Dragon will still be about the only enemy in the game that can kill a well-built max-level tank (unless you're playing stupid), but she can. Her breath can also kill anyone who isn't very far away, and well-positioned relative to your tank (or, perhaps ideally, tanks, one on each side).


Yes there are videos of people soloing her on PoTD, but for most players it would be a challenging fight on PoTD even with a full party. The fight will actually require pretty deliberate strategy either way.

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