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Are there any mods in the make yet?

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I'm out of the loop as I haven't really checked in since release, and I wonder if the modding community is up here already?

Any forums?

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As far as I know, no.


There's portraits, and a few people have made or are making voice replacers. On the Nexus there are a few mods that are more technical, a couple of personal balance shifts roughly hacked in, and a save state editor, and I think one person managed to make a way for people to look at and edit dialogue files a bit more easily.


But aside from those things, there are no major mods due to the way the game's been constructed. Pre-rendered backgrounds made mostly in Maya and not with tilesets but unique art means only a seriously pro artist could possibly make new maps, and it seems you'd need to have a full version of Unity 4 and a strong working knowledge of programming to alter a lot of the core mechanics. Basically, if you have the skills to mod PoE in the more fundamental ways, you'd probably be better off just applying for a job at Obsidian and working on the game officially, and you're probably a person already busy making your own games anyway, so why mod it?

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