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Are guns under powered?

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Maybe, but Kana Rua's hand cannon was the second-best reason I enjoyed having him in the party. That thing is exceptional at perforating enemies in short order. I really enjoyed the sound effects and the long-range lethality. 


The first-best reason was his summoning. 

All Stop. On Screen.

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Guns are very powerful. 10m range, high damage, and damage reduction. And there's just so much that makes them even more accurate, reload faster, etc. I recently played through with 2 tanks and 4 gunmen, and it was ridiculous how they just singled out any target and that target gibbed on the screen.


Clothing (enchanted with exceptional, dex and freeze DR) on each gunner (no reload speed reduction).

Chanters with reload phrase and fire damage, invocations were paralyze and phantom/ogre.

Gunner talents on all. And other talents to boost accuracy (weapon focus & marksman).

Elves (wood) with bonus to accuracy for distance.

Max Dex.
Max Might.

Arquebus (enchanted exceptional, with burning lash or corrode, and slaying of your choice; I like spirits or vessels).


It's stupid how much damage they do. And it goes fast.


Very best,

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Guns are not underpowered.


Not at all.



This sounds as sarcasm, but rest assured, Gkathellar (why the hell do I keep writing Gkthellar?) would write it in red if he was being sarcastic.


To reinforce his point - no, guns are absolutely not underpowered by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they are actually one of the things I feel PoE largely did right as a concept, and they fulfil a good and distinct niche, and is usable in a different manner to other ranged weaponry.


No. No. No no no no no. No sarcasm. Promise. Because damn, hell no, firearms aren't underpowered.


If this was a thread discussing whether firearms are overpowered or not, I think there could be some good arguments here - I don't think they are, but there'd be an argument. But as for underpowered?



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With their high damage, a set of guns makes a great opening volley.  Hell, there's a reportedly game-breaking build that specializes in getting off three or four quick shots in the opening seconds of combat.  Besides being a decent weapon for openings,  there's many successful builds that can be made around them.    Leadspitter alone is one of the most unique and memorable weapons in the game, and a complete game-changer for ciphers.

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