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ApphangB1 (Almost every time I load the game)



Almost every time I boot up this game it takes an incredibly long time to even start doing anything.


I click the icon.  The game boots with the obsidian logo.  I escape or click on the screen and it goes to the load screen.

Here is where the issues starts.

I load a game and the splash screen pops up and it just hangs with no cursor or anything.

I press my mouse it informs me the game has the error apphangb1 and would I like to wait.

I wait then I get the hand icon on screen and the splash screen text drops out of frame.

Again if I click the mouse I get the apphangb1 error and I wait.

Finally I am in game...

It can take up to 2 minutes or more for this process.

I have only 5 saves and auto saves disabled.

I am only in act 2.

My loads can be obscenely long or just normal.


Occasionally there is some remedy that occurs when I alt tab at a certain time and then for some reason the program gains proper access and I do not get apphangb1 or long load times.  However I am unable to figure out what I do that forces the program to take control of the processes and load properly.

I have the GoG version.

SInce I can get both normal load times and incredibly long load times (with the same data) this is not a problem with my machine.


Is there a solution to this problem?

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GOG does not have a "verify game cache" option, only Steam does.


Given the number of file corruption errors reported in the log, I'd be inclined to suspect a faulty download. Try downloading a new version from GOG then uninstalling and reinstalling PoE (it should be possible to keep a backup copy of the savegame files, but I'd suggest starting afresh since it is possible they might have corrupted data which could affect future installations).

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