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Will music trigger BUGS be fixed in the expansion?





-Music triggers over and over on every area transition in Caed Nua or Dryford locations. Pretty annoying. (try to exit from Caed Nua interiors and then go again inside, do the same with Dyrford interiors).


-Music don't trigger properly in the lighthouse or sanitarium when u have an active quest.


(try entering Sanitarium and go basement or try entering lightouse, the music in the background will still be the "city" one and not the location one.)


Only way to trigger proper music in this case is to reload a savegame when u're already inside those places.


Is there a chance this will be fixed in the expansion?

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Problem is still there. 


I've just bought the white march expansion cause i wanna do a new full playthrough but i guess i will wait until this "bug" will be fixed.


I know it's a minor bug but it's there since the release, over one year is passed so please do something guys

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Hello.  The game released in March, so yes, it's been a few months but not a year.  I will check out our database and see if there is anything currently being done and will update this thread accordingly.  Cheers!


 I'm sorry, you're right. I guess the expansion release made me think more time has passed.


Btw i care particularly about this because the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and those little issues weaken it.

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Hello Mazisky,


I'll be taking over for celliott from this point forward. Are you still experiencing in 2.0.1? If so, could you please upload a save file along with an output log via dropbox with the areas in question? 


Thanks a bunch! 


Hi, Aarik


I've just done a test with 2.0.1 and the problem is still there for the Caed Nua and Dyrford Areas.


Here my savegame folder




You can check by yourself by entering Caed Nua main hall and switching between interior and exterior or even between interior and 1st floor: music will re-trigger instead of continuing.


Same for Dyrford (You go on interiors= music continues, you exit=music restart)





For the second part unfortunately, actually i've no savegames with the Sanitarium and Lighthouse quests doable (all completed) so u won't be able to trigger the problem unless you find somewhere an earlier savegame in which you can join and play both quests (the Banshee and the Thaos one).


Both Lighthouse and Sanitarium should trigger the "mus_dungeon_brackenbury_sanitarium.ogg" when you enter them once the quest is active, but the music won't trigger (still "town" music is playing) unless you save the game and reload directly from inside the place.


It seems a little problem but those parts are really atmospheric (horror\thrilling style) and the "missing" trigger ruins a lot the atmosphere.


I guess those are generic build problems and not related to savegames because other people i know are experiencing the same.

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