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BUG REPORT Stuck on Caed Nua floor 8, Itumaak dont move...



Hi, im stuck on Caed Nua Floor 8, i fighted Fampyr and after the battle Itumaak cant move (he is stuck on the bridge), i cant go to ANY stair because of that (you must gather your party...), dont know what to do, help T_T
PD- i REALLY love your game its like old style rpg 8-)
Here some pics:
This is where itumaak is stuck
These are my system specs
More system specs;
Here is my saved file =D
Another BUG
there is another bug i want to report, sometimes (since i reached Caed Nua 8) i have problems choosing my characters by clicking on their "pictures", for example, if i click on Eder picture he is selected, ok, but then, if i click (left click) on Aloth picture, Eder GOES where Aloth is AND Eder is still selected, i mean, i CANT select Aloth by clicking in his picture (aloth or anybody else), once i select any of the party members i cant select another member by clicking on their pictures, the ONLY way i can select them is by clicking on the characters, i mean, on the "bodies" (i dont know how to say it xD)
Anyway, that happens sometimes, not all the time, but its so much frustrating T_T
i can live with this last bug but i want to get unstucked from Caed Nua 8 so please help! T_T
Thanks for your help!!! =D


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Hey Zeroelcapo,


I apologize for you inconvenience, unfortunately there is no current way to get your character unstuck. You will have to load a save file before the fight and redo it. Could you please upload your output log and your system spec files? You can find how to get those files if you click on the link in my signature. 


Thanks a bunch!

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