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Stuck in Raedric's Hold Dungeons



I got stuck in Raedrics Hold Dungeons...


I'm sending the savegame, a screenshot and the output.


I can't knockdown the character, also maimed him doesn't work, either trying to attack a teammate nearby.

I could reload from the autosave from the start of the scene, but it's discouraging to start the whole scene again...

I hope that dev's can create an alternative to solve those stuck bugs...





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Hey Jacksonbenete,


I apologize for the inconvenience, do you happen to have the autosave file as you entered Raedric's Hold Dungeons? Or a previous save before you got stuck? You can just load that, but you will just have to clear the area again. Unfortunately there isn't a way to make your character unstuck, however I will forward this issue to the appropriate department and they can have a look at it.


Thank you for your feedback!

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