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  1. Hello guys, Any sign about improvements on soloing play? I mean, as far as I see, a lot of players are soloing the game or already did/tried it. But I think things are a little unbalanced for soloing, obviously, the game was designed for a small group of heroes, but, if we have a tendency here of liking to solo (or at least try it), why not think to do some improvements in the soloing playing? One of them, I think would be great with the leveling up while solo was effectively faster. If you want to play Path of the Demned, Expert Mode and Trial of Iron, AND SOLO, that turns the game a little not fun for some character classes... I find viable to solo as a Fighter and as a Monk, but with other classes (I'm still testing), that's just doesn't work. Even as a Monk I was needed to take Éder as a tank in some moments. What do you think, would be great to also improve some aspects of the game soloing in White March or any other updates? Cheers.
  2. You may need Deflection and Damage Reduction. My monk with full deflection and attack speed worth a lot in early game, but in late game the deflection doesn't worth anymore and the lack of constituition force me to avoid solo the game, but when talking about a Fighter you will survive a lot if you go for constituition. Also, take a good shield and you will be hard to defeat. Unfortunatelly, a good shield will make your attacks very slow, to solo a game with a slow char is a little boring. Go for Constituition and Damage Reduction also. Cheers.
  3. Dalhara, the auto-attack sometimes doesn't work properly. This is something that happens to me, when Edér knockdown an enemy, he doesn't attack the enemy unless I select him and order the attack. Somethings still need improvements in the game. For your problem with the mouse, I suggest you to bind the attack for a button and the move command to another mouse button, you can change the layout and playstyle of your mouse in the options. If someone doesn't want to help, should consider to avoid replying. If you can, record a video of your problem.
  4. Hello there, I have search in forum and in the wiki but don't find anything about the experience system, maybe I don't use the right words. Anyway, how the experience and leveling up works? Are the experience earned in quests and battle divided to the party or are always the same for every party member? My question it's about playing solo. My character will level up faster if playing solo or have no difference? I just did not understand the experience system yet. Cheers!
  5. I got stuck in Raedrics Hold Dungeons... I'm sending the savegame, a screenshot and the output. I can't knockdown the character, also maimed him doesn't work, either trying to attack a teammate nearby. I could reload from the autosave from the start of the scene, but it's discouraging to start the whole scene again... I hope that dev's can create an alternative to solve those stuck bugs... Cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/s/24zwdkhdx6ewb55/raedrics%20hold%20dungeons%20stuck.zip?dl=0
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