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[1.05] Some issues with NPC dialogue post-Act II

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Many NPCs don't seem to realize certain things have happened. In particular:


Commander Clyver's dialogue is exactly the same after returning to Defiance Bay in Act III, which makes very little sense. He was explaining to me what a Crucible Knight is and that sort of thing. I supported the Crucible Knights in Act II, and given that fact and what happened at the end of Act II, you would think his dialogue would be different.


Also, I went back to Heritage Hill for a bounty (also in Act III) and one of the guards outside talked to me as if I had never fixed Heritage Hill. Talking about unnatural noises that started months ago and that sort of thing.



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I also had a weird thing happen after act 2.

Spoilers regarding crucible knights quest:


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Load the attached saved game.

Open your journal and observe that you are currently in chapter III and all chapter II quests have been completed.

Observe in particular that Heritage Hill's quest has been completed.

Talk to the justicar in front of Heritage Hill's entrance.
Observe that his dialog is the same as what it was before the quest was completed and the area cleared; it doesn't take into account that Heritage Hill has been cleaned up.



You may use the same saved game to travel to First Fires and go talk to Commander Clyver in Crucible Knight Keep.

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