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[1.05] Caed Nua - blurry background



The background image becomes blurry after entering and leaving the Craft Hall. I believe the same happens whenever there's an area transition. Compare these two images...










Open them in full screen to notice the differences.

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The same happen to me but depending on the zoom level. I think this problem occurs on any map. Without any zoom, the background quality is as it should be. There is also one zoom level in which the background quality is also perfect. However, any other zoom position makes the background slightly blurry. This affects to all background, only characters keep the good quality.



Edit: I edit because, for me, the problem is also more noticeable at Caed Nua. I have checked other maps and It seems that it is not so noticeable.

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There is really something wrong with the backgrounds in this game.  I get badly blurred backgrounds popping up all the time.  Here's some examples.


Load my game outdoors in Gilded Vale = Blurry, Go into the inn = Sharp, Exit the inn = Blurry, Change zoom level outside, reset it back to default, and re-enter the inn = Now the inn is blurry too.


Load my game indoors = Sharp, Exit building = Sharp, Enter another building = Blurry and everything is now blurry.  If I load the game from the blurry interior everything is still blurry so I have to use previous save.


Here's the real kicker:  Load game outside in Gilded Vale, and the background is blurry.  If I pan the camera about an inch in any direction, it is suddenly sharp, but if I pan another inch it's blurry again.


This seemed like a really good game at first, but the backgrounds are so frustrating, it's not very enjoyable anymore.

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