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Anyone here actually use goldrot chew on POTD? If so when?

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Does anyone actually use goldrot chew in game? I always carry some around on POTD, you never know. But not once have I identified a situation where it was needed.


Perhaps someone could help shine some light on this?

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It seemed like it would be useful when one of your partymembers has a lower Athletics skill than the bulk of the party (e.g., because you're putting every point into Mechanics).  But when I tried using it in that situation (a patch or two ago), it didn't seem to do anything.  And I haven't yet tried again. 

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Nah I rest. I used it once when I had light fatigue and it didn't alleviate it, so now I don't bother. Maybe it doesn't alleviate it on the character tile visibly, if so that still makes it too an obtuse mechanic for me to care about.

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It would be rather nice to be able to see fatigue levels outside of there either being an icon on your character portrait or not.  Among other things, it would make the effects of Goldrot observable. 

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