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How to kill THE Dragon?

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The one I was asked to kill in Twin Elms. Its top of the mountain. I have NOT prayed to the God regarding this quest, but I tried to attack it and the best I could do was "Barely Injured" at level 10, lol. My party was kept alive and functions for quite some time though.

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Not sure. I clicked on a container to see if there was anything good in it, then clicked "take all" out of habit. Next thing, my party was fighting. Then my party wasn't fighting and there was a dead dragon on the screen. So whatever I did, it worked.

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You don't have to…

You have to if you want to enchant superb on some weapons...

Just poke it with pointy things until it drops, OP. Flank, debuff dragon, buff party, have the druid and wizard spam petrify... go all out. And if all that fails come back at level 12. The only thing that I recall that was out of the ordinary in that fight was that the dragon wasn't a valid target for cipher powers for some reason. Not sure if it was a natural immunity or a glitch.

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I get really keyed up before major battles. I'll actually get up from my computer, go get a cup of coffee, or whatever the hell is convenient, pace the room a bit; pet one of the dogs; all the while thinking about the battle to come.

Then I'll sit down, buff up my little people, reminding myself that it's just a game, I won't really die! In the end I always win. Even the dragon died.

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