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New forum feature: Jump to Obsidian developer post

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We've added a frequently requested feature to the forums that will allow you, when browsing individual forums, to see which threads an Obsidian developer has responded in. You'll see a badge with the Obsidian logo next to the topic titles - click that badge to jump to the first post.

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I know it's the corporate logo and all, but having that image be white on black like the rest of the forum makes it look like just part of the normal thread title text. Like: OBSIDIAN New forum feature: Jump to Obsidian developer post. Would be nice if it stood out a little better.


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This is nice, but I think it'd also be better if just let you see all Obsidian developer posts in that thread. Right now the feature is all but useless in announcement threads and topics started by Obsidian developers, given it just sends you to the OP, and in other cases it still makes it difficult to follow the developers' reply on a certain topic, given they could potentially be very spaced out.


Some fans have come up with developer trackers, which are nice, but I think it'd be nice to have official support on all the boards, assuming it's doable.

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I have most of their post-content pages bookmarked.**

They don't tend to have 10000 posts so it's not that difficult to keep up that way, when I occasionally want to find/refer to an older post.






**not that I'm stalking them or anything

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About time. Now pressure is on for them to post more because we'll see which threads they contribute to.

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