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Well, I'm filthy rich (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5gMMymtFcc) . 70k copper pieces and not much to do with them. The unique items that you can buy are ok, and their prices are pretty fair. The summon items are expensive, but worth it. But it kind of annoys me that everyone in the game deals in pennies, at least from a story perspective. Bribes are around 1000 cp at most, rewards around 500g, and nothing really costs you other than the things you buy from a shop.


What I'm saying here is that things should be more expensive to keep up with the huge amounts of gold you get from killing things. Pretty much every xaurip ever drops a shield, a spear plus more. Whenever I get out of a dungeon and visit a shop, I can arm every citizen of Defiance Bay... twice. There' a huge amount of gold coming in and not much to spend it on.


I wouldn't complain about this, but the story offers many possibilities of bartering, blackmailing people for money, or doing things to squeeze out as many rewards as possible from quest givers. But you don't need to, so it makes these choices quite worthless. In other games, I have found it fun to play a decent, stoic person who doesn't care much for gold - but when needed, I wouldn't hold back on getting the gold I required as fast as possible. Basically, in PoE there is never any need. If you want to barter, you do it for RP purposes. It really doesn't matter if I get 500 or 1000 or even 10000 gold from a quest when I already own everything I need for my adventures and have 60k on top of it.


So, I think it would have been good if players weren't showered with weapons and armors from combat. Maybe guarantee the drop of armor and weapon for the first times the players encounters them (so you get that shiny plate armor the first time you kill a plate wearer) but have a low chance of getting them as a drop when you kill your 5th plate wearer. Also, slightly increasing the price of hirelings in the stronghold as well as some of the more optional stronghold upgrades. Some other things could be included in the game as a money sink, such as voice changes or appearance swapping on items. Having to spend money to advance the story isn't a crime either I think, as long as people get SOME hint that it might be needed a bit later on. Also, an achievement for getting filthy rich would have been nice, if it only was a bit more challenging :p

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Yeah, money is a tad too easy to come by, especially money from selling all the junk that enemies drop. I fully upgraded my stronghold, bought/enchanted everything I needed to on all my party, I always sleep in the most expensive choice of room in taverns, and I still have 30k cp on me, and I haven't even finished act 2 (playing on Normal: I guess Hard would just mean more money, because of the increased number of junk-dropping [no pun, please] enemies).

I’m selling these fine leather jackets.

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Using a party on PotD that is specifically designed to use classes I felt could not easily break the system (hoping they do some balancing so this becomes the case for all classes), I am finding money to be just fine in the first third of the game so far.  Those fancy items in the shops actually become pretty important when enemies are a bit more threatening.  Purchasing those items help with certain areas that are more difficult.  At least, in the first half of the game where you haven't gotten great gear from loot and quests yet.  It has been a pretty good ride so far. 


In my normal difficulty playthrough, yeah, I didn't even have to think about buying better gear - whatever stuff that came in for free was far more than enough to slaughter everything.


I still expect to be swimming in the money at the end of the game, I would expect nothing less unless I was just throwing money away for shots and goggles - but I am too frugal/efficient for that to happen.

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At least you don't end the game with 11million or something. ;)


...I've occasionally used extra cash to just check out store items, use them in a few fights, even if I know I won't likely use them much overall. But I like knowing whether I might want them on a different playthru.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Not a fan of altering the drop rules. Right now PoE uses a WYSIWYG loot system - What You See Is What You Get, which means that enemies drop everything they're wearing. This is a good thing.


The issue comes with having an infinite stash to then be able to carry all of that... but ultimately, I don't think it's that big a deal. You don't make enough money to buy all the unique items in the game, not even close - so those act as an efficient cash sink. If you don't care for enchanted items, well... then you'll have tons of money. Meh. There are bigger issues with the game right now IMO.


Just my $0.02.

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