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Please Change Shop Filters

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See image below. This should be really straight forward, and hopefully a no brainer?





When at a shop, the 'filters' just grey the items out a bit rather than .. filtering. This is inconsistent with the Stash behaviour.


The Stash's filtering behaviour is useful. The Shop's behaviour is not.


Shops have infinite gold reserves and never seem to clear out the crap you sell them so become cumbersome to navigate.

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Agreed. An actual filter would be useful. And sold items should go to the bottom of the list, which would fix some of the navigation issues.


The stash could use some work as well, mind, sorting by type and enchanted/not.

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^Good suggestion - I too find it odd that the filters just grey out the other items - it doesn't really grey them out enough for me so I see little benefit.

Not essential but I'd welcome the change.


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I already said that on a couple of different "request features" topics, but I'm happy to see someone opens a specific topic about it !


A separate buyback tab would be hugely welcome, and filters not greying out just making other items invisible would be an immense quality of life boost

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