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Animal companions fatigue equivalent to 0 athletics

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Itumaak (and I assume the other animals) seem to have the equivalent of 0 athletic skills and gets fatigued extremely easily. My lvl 9 party has a minimum of 3 athletics and after a few fights none of my party is tired while Itumaak suffers critical fatigue.


Critical fatigue = -15 all defense, -30 accuracy, 50% max endurance


It makes him useless in combat after a few fights and I suspect most people don't know this is happening because the only indicator is buried at the bottom of the hunters stat sheet.


I even tried to cheat and give him 10 athletic skill and it didn't help. My guess is that animal_companions don't use skills and they don't ever increase their fatigue resistance.


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I think Ranger pets should share their skills with their master. Most won't matter, but Athletics, sure.


An idea I had for the Wolf was giving it the Ranger's Mechanics score plus some arbitrary number for the purpose of finding hidden things.

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"Heh heh. Dirt... Nap... Dirt nap!"

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Ranger pets should get a point of athletics and stealth each level, and be able to take advantage of them.


I think this is the most reasonable, or some variation of it. I think Animal Companions should gain 4 skill points per level, and distribute them as fitting to the animal in question, with a starting +1 bonus to Stealth, Athletics and Survival.

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