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I just feel the need to double check this:


Does your Sagani have 13 might or higher? My friend says his has 15, which the gamepedia wiki supports, but mine has 13... Is this something lasting from me suffering the double-click bug?

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Have you completed the quest to help her find the old Engwithian Gym ruins to help her get swole yet?

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"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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As has been said, the 1.03 patch changed the Attributes around for CNPC:s and gave them better ones. Instead of solving the issues with the Attribute system even being so lopsided, they changed the Attributes around even if it makes no sense for the character itself.

This change was not retroactive, so if you started a game before 1.03 and recruited Sagani, you're stuck with the pre-1.03 Attributes she had. If you examine the Attributes, you'll probably find other differences. The Wiki really should list both pre- and post-1.03 Attributes.


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