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Rangers get same amounts of endurance as Rogues/Priests/Druid/Chanters and most health (5*) than the other mentioned classes ...  

Won't really work in a tanking role (perhaps on normal), so you'll probably have to micro manage him well (attack targets already distracted(engaged by other characters)) ... Play similar to melee Rogue glass cannon builds with probably less damage output and less get out of jail escape cards ..(didn't really study the kit yet)

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It's definitely possible, especially on Normal mode. I went for a tanky build (lots of deflection) and hatchet+shield with all the according talents. I also kitted out my wolf companion to deal more damage in general, to enemies who suffer a dot (wounding shot ftw) and be able to perform sneak attacks. My rogue would tank enemies and use wounding shot/marked prey on them, while my wolf flanked them for sneak attack. 

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I've been using one in my Hard playthrough (not as main). Made my holy party, got a Barb primary tank (no shield, DW'ing). Ranger with a bear companion is my other front liners. Which is something to keep in mind, Ranger is actually 2 units. Which does help split up enemies which is one of the 3 main factors in not dying horrible. DR, Deflection, and splitting up damage from the 'group'. Often times a melee goes down because of the swarming dmg. High deflection or numbers is required to mitigate that swarming.


You can kinda do both with the Ranger though, Shield focus em up + you have the bear. Add a cleric into the mix with the +4 dr to everyone (way more useful then some people give credit) at the start of larger fights will go along way. Past that biggest issue a Ranger has is complete and total lack of any self heal. Every 'Warrior' class (Fighter, Paladin, Barb) have some means to self heal. Druid/Clerics can heal them selves and others. Ranger, sadly, can't even heal there pet, let alone them selves so you'll want a 2nd group member to do that. Cleric with a pike behind them could manage it easily with the 2nd tier AoE HoT. Chanter with there 2 special passives is an extra 1.2 endurance per sec, belt can net you another +1 which is still half that of a Warriors base lol.


Past that definitely get one of the weapons with 20% dmg returned as stamina. There is a SUPER early one you can get in the initial dungeon at the first town. It's a flail, it'll go A LONG way to keeping your ranger from dying horribly due to a lack of self healing, making your Priest/Druid (and chanter to lesser degree) job easier.



Oh and as people have said, Abilities. Just take pet oriented abilities, or anything not related to ranged. Hunters Mark, binding roots as example of general stuff.

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Def Con: kills owls dead

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Any case where you have a class which can't tank - use them as a flanking style unit. Requires more micromanaging but with animal companion + tank. You should be able to pull it off.

The only problem is you will be heavily focused on moving the ranger around and you may end up not noticing your other characters in trouble.

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