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I nearly finished my first playthrough on Normal (6-man party, all companions). I enjoyed this, but I found managing 6 characters a bit annoying sometimes, also it was a bit too easy for me. So I decided that I wanna start a 4-man party on Hard for my second playthrough.

The idea is, that 4-man should still be quite doable on Hard but at the same time give some challenge.


The 4 man party has a few restrictions which is; I want my main character to be a Rogue DPS. Also I don't want my tank to be an Orlan, having a small Orlan as main Tank is just weird for me. Finally; I don't want a Chanter, I realise this might have been a pretty good addition (replacing Paladin for example) but I just don't like playing a Chanter.

I came up with the following party composition, but am still unsure about some stuff and would like your input/advice :)



Fighter - Tank

  • Role: Tank
  • Race: Human or Moon Godlike? (or is not wearing headgear too bad?)
  • Weapon Kit: 1h + large shield
  • Armor: Heavy (full Plate)
  • Attribute distribution: Maximum Perception, Resolve, Constitution. Minimal Might. Average Intelligence, Dexterity.
  • Description:  This will obviously be the main tank

Paladin - Offtank/Support

  • Role: Secondary Tank and Support
  • Paladin faction: Not sure yet.. I want him to be support, so probably Kind Wayfarers or Shieldbearers? (please help)
  • Paladin Aura: Also not sure. Zealous Endurance (DR boost) or maybe I can do Zealous Focus (increased accuracy) to support my main DPS Rogue?
  • Race: Human or Moon Godlike?
  • Weapon Kit: Pike (for increased reach) or maybe 1h+Shield as well?
  • Armor: Heavy, or maybe medium?
  • Attribute distribution: High Perception and Resolve. Average Constitution, Might, Intelligence, Dexterity. (please help)
  • Description: This will be secondary tank. Catching stragglers and closing the front-line. I found having 2 tanks is better than 1 tank, and more easy to mange mobs. Also he should give some support with his heal and abilities.

Rogue - DPS (main character)

  • Role: Main DPS
  • Race: Hearth Orlan (more crits) or Human?
  • Weapon Kit:  Primary: 1h Saber or Dualwield Sabres. Secondary: Pistol (this is due to RP reasons I want him to be a bit like a Pirate :D, only not sure if 1h Sabre (accuracy/crit boost) or dualwield (more overall dmg?).
  • Armor: Light (hide or leather?)
  • Attribute distribution: Maximal Might and Dexterity. Average Intelligence, Constitution. Low Perception, Resolve. (please help?)
  • Description: This will be my main character and main DPS. I want him to be melee (with Pistol as alternative for opening salvo and/or when too narrow doorway etc.) This might not be optimal (but should still be decent) but its because I just like it for RP reasons and have more fun :)

Cipher - CC and debuff (or maybe wizard or druid?) (please help here!?)

  • Role: CC and debuff for Rogue, wanna blind a lot so Rogue will do sneak attacks.
  • Race: not sure, doesn't matter too much? Probably Human, Death Godlike (int bonus).
  • Weapon Kit: Blunderbuss
  • Armor: none (cloth)
  • Attribute distribution: Maximal Intelligence (max duration CC and debuff). High Might (secondary DPS). Average/high Dexterity. Average/low Perception, Resolve, Constitution.
  • Description: This 4th character is the most difficult choice for me. Cipher seems fun to play and can fulfill the role of CC/debuff, while also adding some dmg I suppose. I wonder though if he can keep up debuffs for my rogue sneak attacks, he only has the lvl1 blind ability? (please help)


Would love to hear you guys advice. Also the 4th character is the most difficult choice. I suppose Wizard or Druid can be helpful as well. With druid having some extra support. Not sure about priest, it does no dmg and my dmg is already on the low side I think. Also not sure about Priest CC?

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Make your rogue Ranged imo for 2 ranged 2 melee setup, Moon Godlike is the master race for tank , there is great tank helm early tho +1perception+1resolve , but moon godlikes racial makes up for it imo , also both Cipher and Rogue are more single target so swapping 1 for druid or  wizard would be better for aoe but its not that needed on Hard , Priest is hands down the best class in 6 man party , in 4 man probably too , Holly Radiance with talents and good stats for a priest is just a game changer spell ( Massive AoE Heal + Damage + Extra Damage on Shades etc )

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I'm not a big fan of paladins because they just feel buggy. The DR aura for me has no radius, only applies on the paladin for some reason. Not sure if the other auras work, haven't felt like trying. The delay bad effects ability doesn't seem to work very well either, sometimes it feels like it just makes enemy cc even longer.

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It might be worthwhile to drop the Rogue (or maybe the Paladin) for a Druid/Wizard. You're a little lacking in AoE spells.


I've been using a Shieldbearer paladin with a 19/9/3/18/10/18 spread, and it works well both as a tank and acceptably as a damage machine. Constitution and Intelligence are adjustable to suit your tastes - neither matters much, so I kept them relatively even basically for Defenses. For race, you'll probably want Wild Orlan or Moon Godlike. Mountain Dwarf is also an option, since it lets you drop Dex to 2 for another attribute point.


And if you do use a paladin, make that character your Watcher for the Faith & Conviction bonus from reputation.

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Have a chanter tank so he can buff the other 3 ranged and with summons he can contribute to overall damage. It's a luxury just to have a fighter stand there being a punching bag.

Offtank with 4 is not really needed, you would be better off with more damage - probably a druid you are lacking AoE.

Melee is too risky on higher difficulties, stick with ranged damage.

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