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I love the little details: maps on tables etc....

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Overall I love PoE.


It's an ambitious project - and I love your games, Obsidian (Fallout NV is my all time favorite).


I appreciate the many details - maps on tables, overturned furniture, spilled food etc.


I like how you created alternate ways into places; the scrolls that pop-up and flesh out a scene/event; the spare voice overs that allow much more depth of conversation.


Great job !  I hope there is a PoE 2.... I will buy/support in a heart beat.  I've already given PoE as a gift to help support your company - you are one of the best one's out there in my opinion.



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I really, really dig the little story scenes with the drawings. The artwork in those never ceases to amaze me, and the combination of VO and sound effects really does a great job of setting up the imagination.


I know right?!? They are so much better than cutscenes. My jaw dropped when some guy said you'd see the lower budget because of these scenes. I just wanted to scream "no! they are perfect!!!". :D

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Scripted interactions remind me of gamebooks, if anyone still remembers those, e.g. choose your own adventure series.

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"There once was a loon that twitter

Before he went down the ****ter

In its demise he wasn't missed

Because there were bugs to be fixed."

~ Kaine




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