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  1. Yeah I said this numerous times. Don't get it why that position is so hard to understand. I wouldn't even have said anything, if people weren't so determined to make this about something it's not. It's weird. Also there's always the thing that this file doesn't necessarily have to work forever. Every patch brings a chance that it stops working. That's why an official thing is just a more elegant (and permanent) solution. The items aren't even that important, what bugs me more than a lack of them, is the fragmentation of the various stores, it's always a bad idea. They managed to make the price the same everywhere.
  2. No I'm not. Because I never said that. But you'd know that I've you'd read (and understood) anything I said.
  3. Yeah it's not DLC currently, but it could be - that's what it was about from the first post, weren't you paying attention? Hell, it could be simply added via a patch. It's not a big deal to do it. And there are zero things on GOG preventing any of this. Obs could simply officially add the file that's floating around here anyway. And yeah, it would take them barely 30 minutes to do it. Probably less though.
  4. How is a DLC "non-game content", if all the other DLCs are not an issue? Doesn't sound very believable.
  5. Has Obsidian stated anywhere, that GOG is to blame? Honest question, if so, I have missed it. If Obsidian didn't state that, then this is as much a conspiracy theory, as any other attempt at an explanation. Because it's news to me, that GOG stops a dev from publishing a DLC on their platform. Furthermore, if that was the case, then why does Obsidian have zero problems with releasing all these other DLCs on GOG, like Mirke or the hair stuff? :D Na man, that doesn't add up.
  6. Well they mention POTD in almost every video they do, so I'm going to say yes.
  7. I like my explanation more. Because the people who make games like Pillars II can't possibly be stupid. Especially not too stupid to dump a DLC on GOG. They can probably get this done in 30 minutes or less. So there must be another explanation.
  8. Kind of? I'm gonna say the reason is most likely that the scavenger hunt is a versus evil publisher thing. They (Obsidian) are probably contractually obliged to only have this on Steam. That might also explain why some Obs dev once talked about MAYBE putting this on GOG, because they just weren't aware of the legal stuff (not their area of expertise). If you check out the Steam and GOG store pages, then you'll notice that GOG lists Obsidian as both publisher and developer, while Steam has versus evil as publisher. I even remember remember the tweets from versus evil, promoting Pillars II before release. They exclusively talked about buying the game on Steam, as if GOG didn't exist. I'm guessing versus evil only gets money if people buy the game on Steam and the game is only on GOG because Obsidian themselves put it there too. Releasing these items as an extra DLC on GOG is so simple, that Obsidian would have done it by now, if there wasn't another reason stopping them to do so.
  9. The problem with that is, it could stop working at any time. Every patch/update could kill it. And it's less elegant to put in extra files each time.
  10. Yeah I hoped a fix would be in 1.1 but it isn't. Probably more complex or they found out about it too late.
  11. Honestly I'd feel better about this if they just had said they wouldn't do it.
  12. Yeah, I honestly feel like they should have gotten this working by now.
  13. What's weirding me out more, than the fact that it can only be equipped in the off hand, is that the stash stores it in "other" instead of weapons.
  14. I have the exact same problem. And yes, I think this is at least one of the conditions that break this quest. I too found the soul in Delver's Row first because I was there for another quest. I was actually surprised that the soul was already there although I hadn't gone to The Hole yet.
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