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In the interest of brevity, this will be "what was Durance spamming during my Hard playthrough?"


Lv 1: Nothing notable. Withdraw disappointed because a guy sitting out the fight for 30 seconds might as well be KO'd

Lv 2: Divine Mark and Iconic Projection are excellent, but Mark's low range makes it a liability at higher levels

Lv 3: Circle of Protection and Pillar of Prone

Lv 4: Worth bringing a Priest just for Devotions of the Faithful

Lv 5: Restore Critical Endurance, Shields for the Faithful, Revive the Fallen


Heals are fairly weak in my opinion, but they become more useful later because enemy AoE usage increases steadily throughout the game. Also a custom Priest with higher Int and Mig than Durance would get a lot more mileage from them.


Lv 3:  Dire Blessing's +20% criticals for all FRIENDLY AOE is hard to overlook, it renders the wizard's Mesmerize completely useless.

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Suppress Affliction [2?/10]

Whenever I try to use it, the thing I try to 'suppress' does not count as an affliction.



Maybe the creator of that spell was a dual class Lawyer/Priest.



I like Armour of Faith and Bless. Never found much use for withdraw... so you can sit there at 10% health for 30 seconds instead of dying - means you die 30s later. It would be good if you could cast healing spells or self-buffs, drink potions etc.


Halt seems pointless, by the time it is cast they are right next to you and hit you with melee weapons - means taking a disengagement attack to move away from them

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Merciless Gaze? :)


It's not really a spell, but for me Inspiring Radiance is the best thing about priests.


Forgive my ignorance, but why is that? The +5 accuracy doesn't seem overly amazing. Is it because it stacks with other accuracy buffs or something?

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It's +10 ACC and yes: it stacks with everything, even with itself (from different priests). It also is 1/encounter, it's a fast cast and the size of the AoE is big, covering the whole party with ease.


If I play an MC priest and also take Durance (two priests are better than one, so I nearly always do that) I will have +20 ACC right at the start of every battle without spending a spell use, landing CC effects reliably.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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