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Being Ironman/Batman without being a spellcaster...

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So I just realized that crafting isn't restricted by race or class, and you can craft anything regardless of party composition or main character class/race combination. Furthermore, scrolls are restricted only by Lore, while traps are restricted only by Mechanics, which means that I can have a spellcasting character without being a spellcasting class; he just has to craft his spells ahead of time. Scrolls are activated spells while traps are triggered spells, when you think about it.


This means that I can be Ironman or Batman in PoE. The main thing about these two superheroes is that they're both normal human beings who fight using their vast arsenal of gadgets and inventions (and virtually limitless reserves of cash). They're pretty much just Muggles who fight on par with superheroes with actual superpowers (like the rest of the Avengers/Justice League).


What do you think?

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I'm falling in love with this idea. If you don't do it, OP, I will. 


Human (Meadow Folk) Monk named Bruce. Wears a Hood and Padded or Leather armor. Uses fists, scrolls, and traps. High Stealth and Mechanics. Resolve stat of 20 a must. As is whichever talent gives you more quick item slots (AKA utility belt).

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I'm currently vying for the Triple Crown Solo with this character:


Name: Lord of Atlantis

Race: Island Aumaua (three weapon quickslots)

Class: Fighter (seems everyone is doing Rogue or Cipher, so I went Fighter to be different)

Culture: Rauatai (+1 Constitution)

Background: Aristocrat (he's rich)


Might 12

Dexterity 10

Constitution 16

Perception 15

Intellect 10

Resolve 15


I almost died twice already, once to an early game trap due to a misclick and accidental unpause, and another to a fight I blundered into. I don't have enough cash to craft my "gadgets" yet, but I've made a point of collecting all herbs and getting as much money from quests as possible. For skills, I've spread them out so I get more mileage out of skill points. Currently, my highest skills are Lore and Mechanics at 3 each.


I plan on making full use of scrolls, traps, and potions for this toon. He's going to be Iron Fish/Batfish.

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