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Bugs i found...



Hello everyone! First, i want to say the best words for creators of Pillars of Eternity! I falled in love with it at first 10 minutes of playing! Sorry for my English.


Here some bug i found in Pillars of Eternity 1.03.


1. ALT button isn't working. I changed my control settings (cause default settings actualy is not playable) and set LeftAlt for Highlight Items. Close and save changes. Then i tryied to hold LeftAlt on, but nothin is happened at all. Then i return a default set of Highlight Items on floor (TAB). And it is working. So i beggin' you to fix this problem. Please! I have MS Windows 8.1 x64, PoE 1.0.3.


2. Default control settings - disgusting (rly). Here a best settings, based on 20+ years of game practice and world rpg-gaming standarts:

Camera Up - W

Camera Down - S

Camera Left - A

Camera Right - D

Highlight Items - LeftAlt (Diablos, Path of Exile, Neverwinters etc.)

Map - TAB (Diablo, Path of Exile etc.)

Double Speed - E

Half Speed - Q

Pick All Items from container - R (Skyrim...)

Select All Units - Z (cause A is used)


With these settings any player would feel more comfort with playing (just try, and tell me i'm wrong :-) )


Or Create a Contro Settings Sets (2 ot 3...).


Thanks friends!  :yes:


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