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Monk Odd Level Talents: Which ones are worth it?

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Hey Everyone!


Been having a lot of fun tearing things up as a monk; I just hit level 5 and I'm torn on what my talent choices should be. So far I've picked The cone aoe double attack which is awesome and the 10 second knockback stun and I'm happy with those choices. I'm leaning on getting the stunning blow encounter power next but not sure if I should look into the attack speed buff or turning wheel. In my mind both of those seem not as good since holding onto wounds is way less dps then spending them on CC or DPS depending on the situation. My monk already attacks fast as it is so is 1.25 for ten seconds really worth it when I could spend that wound for two instant strikes with potential for massive aoe?


I feel like spending wounds is the way to go so far, not sure if this is going to change too much with a larger HP pool.


So is stunning blows the way to go? Should I go for the movement speed boost?



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Swift strikes is the best thing you can get on Monk it can be upgraded to give +%35 more damage in total (25 as, %10 shock dmg)... You can keep it active for whole combat since it only costs one wound and it has long duration. Attack speed matters most for late game dps since there are very few ways to increase it :)

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Does Turning Wheel add to all attacks, including ranged?

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