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Collateral damage (Serel and possibly unintended awesomeness)

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I'm almost done with act 2, I've done nearly every subquest including paying Serel a ton of money for a medallion for Thirstwn, and cuz I'm all about helping brothel ladies escape to better lives.


I find her, like she said, hanging out in Brackenbury after she bought a house there, that was kind of cool.

One time, I head back to Brackenbury only to be set upon by a few assassins.  After dispatching them, I walk forward and find a final one just coming out, and I was amused that it took him so long to join his friends (who are all now dead).

Then I noticed a body on the ground.  It was Serel's.  I was mortified.  I had to reload and charge past the assassins to try and save her (only to have the game weirdly aggro her into fighting me immediately after killing the assassin that spawned near her and weirdly considered her a combat oriented ally to me).  Unfortunately I failed multiple times in attempting to keep her alive, and was saddened by the fact that I may have caused terrible collateral damage by triggering assassins to come after me.

Then I had an epiphany.  I ran durance over while casting slicken on the other two assassins, and managed to clutch cast Withdraw on Serel, which gave me just enough time to alpha strike the Assassins with everything I had, thus dropping them all before Withdraw ended and juking whatever was causing Serel to auto aggro onto me.  I can't believe I went to such great lengths to save her fine arse, especially since she no longer even had a deep dialogue tree and also because it was really just giving me trouble by what I can only assume was a series of unintended accidents, but deep down I kind of felt responsible and Serel was pretty cool.

Not in a long time have I played a game where I cared so much about random PCs due to how stellar the writing and presentation has been.

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Not in a long time have I played a game where I cared so much about random PCs due to how stellar the writing and presentation has been.


Sadly she seems to be the one and only NPC who cares when there's fighting right under their noses. At leat as far as my observation goes. I made a little experiment of slaughtering each and every NPC residing in the upper levels of the inns. Noone cares, it's absolutely inconsequential.


One of the select few problems I have with this game.

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Awesome play, OP! I would've loved to see it go down!

Only assassins I've seen were during Act 2, out in the open near the fountain in Brackenbury. Only collateral damage there was some kickstarter backers' npcs. :devil:



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