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Willing to pay for a voice pack DLC.

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More VO (not full, just more then we currently have) in the upcoming expansion or a sequel would be ok, i would genuinely be fine with that and if done right it would add more overall quality to the game while not costing a fortune, but the current game should remain as is, it's fine, there are bigger problems then VO at the moment.

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I like this game a lot, but I wouldn't mind having even more voice acting and would be willing to purchase a voice pack DLC if you could provide one. Some people just like to read, but I like to listen to the voice acting, followed by reading afterwards.


Please consider a voice pack DLC that adds even more voice acting, thank you!


How much are you willing to pay?


Personally, I'd pay $10 for a full voice over dlc, but I'd probably pay $10 for whatever dlc just to support Obsidian at this point.


I'd definitely pay $10 just for an upgrade to Unity 5.0, and maybe up to $20 if that also included other content.

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I'd definitely pay $10 just for an upgrade to Unity 5.0

Why? What do you think that would improve? It's probably unnoticable like every version-upgrade Firefox puts through, and most of PoE's content would be highly modified anyway that a blank version upgrade probably does little.

Though I do wonder what people expect from it, I am being sincere in being curious...




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I would much prefer to have a few lines of superbly done voiced dialogues instead of subpar fully voiced dialogues. Do those people asking for fully voiced dialogues know how difficult it is to engage talented voice actors/actresses?


The only games that I know have excellent full VOs are japanese games (japanese VOs not english VOs) and not all of them; the representative title that comes to mind are the MGS series.

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I've just recently picked up this game but I used to do a few custom character voice packs for BG2 and IWD, would be cool to pick that up again and do a few new ones for this as well. 


Question to anyone who's attempted it so far, is it an easy enough task to get custom voice packs into the game? Any guidelines on how to build them? 


I'm talking character/companion packs at this stage and potentially enemies, changing scripted interactions is more of a dev job and I'm not interested in that. 


Would be pretty cool to put together a pack as I've also felt the selection of voices are a bit sparse - it's the same guy with different tones.

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Assuming that the tools are available to do this you need voice actors and good recordings.  For me nothing wrecks a game faster than poor voice acting and poor recordings.       Voice acting can add a lot to a game but it needs to be well done.

 Matnik, if you have the VAs available and the expertise to do this it would be awesome.

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I for one am definitely in the camp for more VO work, especially for general callouts during battle.


For me, the big area where VO is needed is in battle chatter. I mean, the VO's for conversations are nice and all, and when you get a convo with VO it generally signifies, "hey, this is probably a more important conversation, player, you should probably pay attention".


On the one hand, that's good because it tells me very quickly what the most important stuff to pay attention to is. On the other hand, that's a bit gamey and immersion breaking since it's often so abrupt and blunt, especially since the way the system obviously works on this conversations is MAIN DIALOGUE = has VO, ALTERABLE DIALOGUE DUE TO PLAYER CHOICE = no VO. Most of the truly unique stuff (but not all, it's really scattershot) you can say spurs VO-less reactions from NPCs.


But the main area I would appreciate a lot more VO is definitely in fights. There just needs to be more variation. I've heard everything everyone has to say at this point and I'm not even done with the game (though that's also partly due to restarting a couple of times after I figured out the mechanics well enough to play on Triple Crown conditions - not solo, for the completion of my first progression). I've especially heard the "cannot get past this enemy's defenses" callout so often it's become annoyingly repetitive, especially since accuracy is tougher to raise than most other stats with my sword and board main PC.


As far as I'm concerned though, a unique VO pack would be a waste. Just add bits of new VO with each expansion. I mean, this is going to be happening anyway (one assumes, anyway) since the expansions bring in new characters and such, and are going to be compatible with all of your current characters, so extra VO sessions that bring in new VO's during the expansion dev process seem like a natural fit.


I am especially down with the idea of new VO sets for Player Created characters though with each expansion. I think that's pretty critical since there are only five per sex and there are WAY more possible variations on type than just those five. I mean, I like the concept of "attitudinal" VO sets - Stoic, Noble, Feisty et cetera - but there are always more attitudes that could be represented here. In addition, it just seems like there should also be some racial/regional voices. I mean, just from the characters already in the game, Kana Rua sounds to me like what an Aumaua should sound like, but if I create an Aumaua character, none of the voices seem like they fit other than maybe stoic (since Kana Rua kind of creates an expectation of deeper bass on the voices of Aumaua) and if I go with an Orlan, only Feisty really seems to fit (since there's a bit of a higher pitch to that voice set). This also seems fairly true of regional dialect, since stuff like the Vailians are obviously Italian inspired, it would seem to be a natural fit if they had a bit of an Italian tilt to their voices, or the Aedyrans had more of a British tilt (going by Aloth anyway) and I can't do either of those things with the current PC VO packs.


As for the idea of a paid VO DLC, I'd only buy a specific VO DLC if its promise was to add VO to every line of dialogue in the game. Then it would be worth the cost to me, but the economics on that would probably be a net loss on Obsidian's part (lots of hiring of VO actors, lots of integration into the game time, lots of testing to make sure it all works properly, then lots of fixing when the inevitable bugs appear) so I don't mind that such a thing would ever come to pass, personally.

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I'd prefer enhanced edition (not DLC) that would first focus on adding more portraits for key NPCs (in this, game is truly lacking), then more variations on PC portraits (so there are actually portraits that can fit color shapes of character models) and last more voice over, in that order.

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