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Can anyone out there peel back the onion of a particular Chanter phrase for me? I'm wondering exactly how Come, Come, Soft Winds of Death works. As in, does it do the listed damage (something like 4.1, I believe) multiple times at a particular interval over the phrase's duration, or does it just do the 4.1 damage once? And if it's the latter, is the 4.1 damage applied over multiple incredibly small hits? Either way, it leads me to my next question...


Does it have a chance of interrupting opponents? I've got a high-Perception Chanter tank in the works, and it seems like -- depending on what's actually going on under the hood, mechanically -- this could be a pretty great phrase for him to pick up. Especially since there's also the lingering effect of Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words to consider. Since this tank won't be doing a whole lot of damage, some soft AoE CC available at a very low level is certainly appealing. Anyone able to edify me, here?

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I don't believe it does interrupt, and I think it does damage 1 time.  I could be wrong.  I didn't pay much attention to it on my Chanter tank play as by the time I was really having to pay attention to the combat log I was using other Phrases.  


However, Thick grew their tongues works wonders with a high dex high Perception Barb or wizard with blast talents.  Both need the interrupting blows talent though.  I had Thick grew their tongues on loop, and once I got to 5 chants (toward end game), I would hit the party with the Invocation that increases Dex/Perc/Int by +5.  Then switch to thick grew their tongues.


So, you had "Thick" giving enemies -10 concentration

An interrupter Barb with Carnage (dual Wield)

Wizard using wand and spells that also was solid at interruption

Cypher using spells that have higher interrupt

Then I would increase their perception by +5 to give them +10 interrupt (IIRC), and they got more dex so they attacked faster, and they got bigger AoEs so they hit more guys.  


The other 2 classes were Priest and Fighter.

It definitely slowed down the enemy damage when you could get it all rolling.  I would also toss out anything that increased Accuracy (Blessing) for the party.


Barbarian was squishy though, and he was hard to keep alive if you weren't careful.  In bigger fights I switched from dual wield to a Pike, and tucked him behind the tanks.  If he got in trouble I used the Priest spell Withdraw.  


EDIT:  I wanted to add:  I have seen people dump on Wild Sprint for the Barbarian.  The one issue I had was when I got a mix of melee and spell casters, and wasn't keen on moving my Cipher and Mage up to hit them.  Wild Sprint made by Barbarian the Caster killer.  He did a number on Archers/Gunners as well.

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