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I am unsure what race and class to choose. Generally, I enjoy playing "magical" characters. There are quite a few options here, though I will probably exclude the Priest and the Chanter (which seem to be an awesome supporting characters, but will most likely be available as a party members). That leaves the Cipher, the Druid and the Wizard as options and all seem to be excellent and interesting. For some reason, the Monk, has also grabbed my attention as interesting.


So out of these four classes ( Cipher, Druid, Monk and Wizard), which would you recommend?


How about the races to go along with them? Aumaua seems well suited to the Monk, Human for the Druid, Orlan for the Wizard and Godlike for the Cipher, but these are just my first impressions from glancing at the stats. Also, the Godlike's lack of headgear seems like a major hadicap though, so perhaps something else would be advisable (Elf, Dwarf)?


Of course, it would also be interesting to know whether there are race/class based story elements (without actually saying what they are - I don't want spoilers).


Any advice?

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Monk. There is no NPC monk; you have to hire an adventurer to get one.


You can either tank or deal damage with a monk. For damage, go with either an aumaua or a dwarf and max out your might and dexterity. For a tank, take an orlan and max out resolve and perception.


There aren't much race/class dialogue elements. They're a thin icing on the cake if anything.

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druids are also fun to play; very versatile, and I don't think you run into one to add to your party early on.

but yeah, there are no monks. 

rogue is good too.  I found myself actually making a custom one to add to the party once I first hit town.  handling traps is actually important at hard difficulty, and there's a ton of xp to be gained besides.

retaliation rogues are deadly.

speaking of which, since you're considering cipher, try adding retaliation to it if you do go for that class.

you'll see why.

in fact, retaliation would be a good choice for your monk as well, given the very high deflection.

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