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Patch broke Knock Down?



Now Eder can't knock people prone anymore?! ARRGGGHHh this is actually worse for me than all the bugs that got fixed >.<


He can successfully land it but it's always 0.0 sec prone.... ie: broken.



EDIT: Huh so I rolled up another fighter for testing and her KD seems fine so something got messed up specifically on Eder on my save as it was being patched.  Tried removing him and re-adding him to the party and no luck so far but I'll keep experimenting.  If anyone else has run into this and knows a fix, please let me know.


EDIT2: Weirder and weirder.  It's only affected my latest 3 saves.  If I go back further than that he's acting normal.  I'll end up losing a couple hours but that might be what I have to do at this point.

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Oh man so I went back a few saves and it fixed Eder so on I went.  Then today I used my main (cipher) KD ability and it has the same problem. 0.0 sec duration, blarg!  Luckily I don't use that one very much so life goes on, but it's freaking weird!  None of the other spells have any duration issues.  It does the prone animation but the baddies immediately get back to their feet.

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