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Rangers low level ability description are way off.

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I have enjoyed playing a ranged ranger their are however some inconsistencies about the class ability descriptions that really need to be adressed.


-The first is that the description of wounding shot claims raw damage over time, shooting party members with the ability shows  piercing damage over time on the tooltip, which makes the dot on wounding shot fairly bad.


-The description for marked prey is also wrong (adding 20 damage would be ott) but in use it's hard to tell whether whatever damage increase it does actually works.


-Many of the pet enhancement talents are also horribly worded but that's a lesser issue.

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Yeah I have noticed this. especially marked prey... there is no way it is +20 damage, early game that would insta-gib near everything. It doesn't even feel like +20% but I guess its possible but it makes it a pretty crappy skill for only 1 use per encounter. with wounding shot you can with other talents to get near +80% damage.

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I tested Marked Enemy a little and, if I'm correct, this skill works only for ranger and adds 20% damage bonus, but calculated after taking into account DR. So if you'd normally hit enemy for 15 - 7DR = 8DMG without marked enemy with marked enemy you will hit him for (15 - 7DR)*1,2 = 9,6 (I don't remember how the game rounds it).


Additionally it turned out for me, that if you deal less damage than enemy's DR you will deal some damage, because it seems you always deal some damage, but you won't get anything from Marked Enemy - kinda logical since 5DMG - 10DR < 0, gets rounded up to 0, 0*1,2=0, but since hit in PoE means you always deal some damage you deal a little.


It's a very disappointing skill, if it worked as it is written in tooltip it could decimate single enemy quickly, but practically all fights involve more than one enemy, so I don't think it would be too OP.


But maybe it's better that descriptions are off? In the current state my use of ranger is limited to ordering him (well, her) to shoot something, I don't even bother with trying to keep the same target with pet since it usually is there only to tank 3 hits before dying. Now it may appear good in description at least, so somebody may be lured into playing as one thinking he may be good.

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The entire Ranger kit is pretty derp. The class IMO deserves some attention from the developers. Also please give the Wolf some stats, all 10s is crap.

Also, Protip: If Rangers' niche is as a Melee Tank , then the class is definitely in need of some TLC.

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